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Glass dry-erase boards provide professional, upscale appeal without sacrificing any of the durability of a classic whiteboard. Magnetic boards offer dual functionality as a magnetic bulletin board, while others are non-magnetic for standard functionality. Frameless board design blends seamlessly into any environment. Glass boards leave no ink trace. Available in multiple sizes and colours.


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Whiteboards easels are designed to efficiently meet all of your presentation needs. With multi-function capability, they can be used to display and communicate information to any size group. Choose a whiteboard surface that is durable enough to meet the demands of your users, and decide if you would benefit from a magnetic surface.


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Ideal for a large office with frequent collaboration needs, these boards have a smooth writing surface that doubles as magnetic bulletin board to post printed materials as you work. The surface is also not as porous as other boards so that dry-erase ink is always easy to remove. Total Erase® means less cleaning, and virtually zero chance of ghosting or staining on the board surface.


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EnduraGlide® dry-erase markers feature a see-through barrel ink gauge so you can visibly determine if your marker is full and able to supply a constant flow of ink. Staying prepared with quality markers will prevent disruptions and keep lessons on track. All EnduraGlide® dry-erase markers deliver a smooth, solid flow of ink in black or a variety of colours.


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Cork bulletin boards have graced the walls of many office spaces over the years because they are reliable. These versatile boards work well in common areas such as a break room and factory floor. Prestige® Embossed Foam Surface allows push pins to securely hold documents, and self-heals to eliminate pin holes. Hang in any office to effectively communicate with staff and guests.


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Take care of your whiteboard with cleaners and conditioners. Removing dry-erase ink, dirt and grease that naturally builds up is the best way to preserve your whiteboard’s surface and make it last longer. Quartet® offers a variety of convenient cleaning and erasing options to help you always get the best performance from your board.


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